Who are we

Morando Group is headquartered in the city of Verona in the north of Italy and in one of the most important areas for the production of apples, pears, kiwis, peaches, nectarines, cherries and plums.
Since 1965, the Morando group, has been exporting fruit and vegetables all over the world, especially in the major european and extra european, providing: wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, importers, the primary eastern european and extra european supermarkets and major industries for the production of juices and jams feasible in our own collection centre of fruits inside the warehouse; all this thanks to the experience gained in nearly 50 years.
The Group Morando is dymnamic, young in management, and growing, and thanks to the great care and professionalism of its technical staff, manage to satisfy their customers.
The deposits of the Morando Group are located throughout the italian territory in strategic positions. The short chain of the product, the direct management of the collection, quality control, packaging and distribution, always ensure the group’s customers Morando high standards of freshness for the many products handled.



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